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Be Fearless in Pursuit of What Sets Your Soul on Fire

As I am writing this, the majority of people are celebrating one last night of "freedom" before their New Year's Resolutions come into play.... I know, I know, nobody seems to ever look back on the current year fondly before a New Year. But what makes 2017 any different than 2016?  Maybe, we reflect back on our previous year, analyzing how we are not where we want to be personally, or professionally, so to speak. However, I myself have come to a realization... YOU are what is going to make or break this next year,  next day, next minute even-which is what brought me here. I am at home on New Year's Eve. Why? You get to a point where your passions, your dreams, and the steps you know you have to take become SO important that nothing else matters. You wake up thinking about said goal and go to sleep thinking about it. Is there something that "sets your soul on fire"? That is what you will feel like-you just know...This once a year "freedom" we all become a victim to..even more so everyday..being complacent is in fact the opposite. Why do we only get excited to "grow" once a year? This "freedom" is actually fear in disguise. Freedom from maximizing our own personal potential. We become fearful when we think we have to be perfect or an expert to start working towards a goal. We get comfortable and set our ideas and goals aside. We fear being uncomfortable while in attempts to achieve said goal. We fear the outcome of taking that chance and possibly failing(the what-ifs). However, that chance could set you free on a road to success-actual freedom. Fear will keep you where you are. Fear feeds avoidance. Avoidance hinders you from knowing how possibly amazing you are. I won't say "could be" because you know you've got that "magic" to achieve that special something.  I told myself I would start a blog to share my knowledge on food, exercise, and motivation to help others. I said that in 2016....and here is the end of 2016 (Reminder: We health professionals are human too). So instead of looking back in dismay... I look forward to taking this step to share with you..what I have learned...and what is to come. Don't settle. Happy New Year! <3 Aida "Ayeedah"